Monday, February 10, 2014

My Ride - Cannondale Bad Boy 2008

My trustworthy ride is a Cannondale 2008 Bad Boy that was purchased as a simple Frame-set with an intent to become another mountain bike in my arsenal, since back in 2008 I was much more in to Mountain Biking than anything else. That changed shortly after I got a job with my current employer. Simple fact that I had a "fixed" address (a rarity in Construction Trade now days) allowed me to start exploring possibilities of commuting to work via bike. Distance of approximately 35 miles (56 km) for a round trip did sound more intimidating then it really was.
The simple fact that San Jose is almost a "flat" city with least amount of hills proved to be very beneficial, as well as year-around mild weather is more than encouraging to start bike commuting.
This fortunate circumstances change the faith of that Cannondale Frame-set, quick decision was made and some nice Road wheels (700-22c) were installed and the Legend was born.
Since 2008 my bike has seen several minor and major transformations.
Currently this is the look of it bellow.

This frame looks a bit to small by all "standards", but I can care less it works for me and it has traveled thousands of miles with me in its saddle having fun doing it.

Love how the only way to see Cannondale logo and " Made in USA" label is visible only when light is flashed at it.

Most comfortable saddle ever, good old well broken in Brooks B17 Imperial.

Mavic 700x24 wheels with Continental GatorSkins, 3x8 speed Shimano cassette and brake / shifter combo, Brooks Saddle B17 ImperialBike Planet Eco Rack, SKS Bike Fenders, MKS Touting/XS Pedals with SOMA Toe Clips. My light power house is NiteRider Lumina 700 USB Rechargeable front light and a permanently mounted Planet Bike SuperFlash tail light. Also my bike is outfitted with an awesome Kick Stand.