Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fisher Space Pen

Considering the fact that writing as an art, in it's original form, using your hand to manipulate a writing instrument such is an pen on a peace of paper it is been slowly diminishing,due to invent of personal computers, old school people like my self are still using the pen and paper to capture theirs toughs for the posterity .
Now given the harsh condition of my everyday working environment, a good quality writhing instrument is always needed.
In my recent search for high quality products, I got a cross a pen that has been out there for some time, but I never reached for it. It is a Fisher Space Pen(, in particular my aye got stuck on a jet black beauty with is simplistic curves and straight forward design.
I'm talking about the SM4B - Non-Reflective Military Matte Black Cap-O-Matic Space Pen (
I got mine for a $12.00 at REI( my last visit two weeks ago and it is my absolute favorite due to its design and durability, please note it is not a Mont Blanc, by far, but it is possibly close second.
There several reasons for that, as always most important to me, it is that is made in USA, next it is so simple that even a brute like my self cannot do to much of a damage, and last but not least due to the sturdy design this pen will remain in my pocket for long time cutting need for cheep fragile "Made in China" disposable pens that only generate a unnecessary clutter around office with its broken and mangled bodes that are nothing more but plastic junk that is polluting our Eco-systems for long time, thanks to the plastic that they are made of.
My Fisher will be nourished back to life every time the ink cartridge gets depleted of its life producing ink with a new refill cartridge that will not break a bank since all do it is $5.00 extending it's use indefinitely, cutting the amount of waste.
Some of you might say that for five bucks you can get about four G-2 Pilots that will last four time longer, and you are right, but G-2 will never look as good and sleek like my Black beauty will sitting high in my dress shirt during an important dinner and then go with me on the job site next day.
I didn't take any time to explain or describe the unique qualities of the refill cartridge, the thing that made Fisher a brand name that NASA trusts and uses on every space mission. I don't need to brag that this pen is so good, it will allow the user to write in zero gravity, under water, over grease fingerprints etc. but that would be entirely to much since all of this is well known to most of us, but if you would like to get more info please check the web site or even better just purchase a pen and then perform testing your self.
All things considered a very nice present or even better a valuable tool for the working men & women out there in harsh condition of today's world.
Once again this is for those of us, with higher morale value considered of how much waste are we leaving behind for next generations to come.Please don't put me out there with Eco-Terrorist or with Tree Huger, but I'm refusing to be a slob and a selfish individual that is taking my time on this planet as something that I'm entitled to.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ecosystem Journals

Just Yesterday I went to my favorite book shop to get me a new Moleskine Journal, since my old one was full and to my delight I discovered a new kid on the block. It is a new company (at least to me) by name Ecosystem Life ( that is making knock-off on the Old Moleskine ( but better in one aspect, it is made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper and to my biggest delight it is made in good old US of A.
Now that fact alone is surprising to me by it self, but then it gets better, it is costing exactly the same like Moleskine does!!
Now if you ever look at the label on the back of Moleskine, like I did, it is only designed in Italy, but really it is made in China. No recycling note anywhere and we know that China doesn't care about any other value except dollar sign.
My first impression was that for the same price I was getting a better product, printing is using a soy based ink, it has a famous pocket on the back just like its more famous competition. It is coming in the same sizes and vibrant colors.

One thing that is different and impressive it that on the back of the journal there is a registration number that allows you to register your journal so it is easier to be returned in case it is lost. But besides that there is even bigger reason for registration number, it allows you to find out where is your journals material is coming from and that my friends is a cut above.

Here is product that is made in USA, with all stringent regulations, has a same functionality like it's competition, it is made 100% from post-consumer material that thanks to registration number you can trace back and the price is still the same as the price of Moleskine $16.95... I just got me my New favorite journal.
I would strongly recommended over Moleskine to anyone who cares about the style and functionality but at the same time also is even slightly concerned about the future of our planet.