Monday, February 17, 2014

Word of a Day - Perseverance

This guy, Brandon Stanton move to New York in 2010 with no money and only two suitcases and the idea of taking 10.000 photos in 6 months so he could become a famous photographer. A lot of people told him that he was delusional, however he follows his heart and  his Perseverance payed off at the end...

Watch this short video interview with Brandon Stanton, also you can follow him on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here is proof that Politicians are complete imbeciles

When I first read this news earlier today, first thing that had come across my mind was: "I honestly cannot believe that a Legislator would do something so dumb publicly" but then another thought formed: "...but on the other hand I guess he was honest about his opinion !!"
Todays community leaders and politicians that are " Representing Us" are so out of touch with reality that comments like this one are no longer coming as a big surprise.
Same rule applies for Bad Politicians as it is for unwanted pregnancies .... get educated on the subject before it is to late and you start regretting the final outcome!!

Local Legislator: No One Should Ever Ride Bikes In Suffolk County « CBS New York

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Ride - Cannondale Bad Boy 2008

My trustworthy ride is a Cannondale 2008 Bad Boy that was purchased as a simple Frame-set with an intent to become another mountain bike in my arsenal, since back in 2008 I was much more in to Mountain Biking than anything else. That changed shortly after I got a job with my current employer. Simple fact that I had a "fixed" address (a rarity in Construction Trade now days) allowed me to start exploring possibilities of commuting to work via bike. Distance of approximately 35 miles (56 km) for a round trip did sound more intimidating then it really was.
The simple fact that San Jose is almost a "flat" city with least amount of hills proved to be very beneficial, as well as year-around mild weather is more than encouraging to start bike commuting.
This fortunate circumstances change the faith of that Cannondale Frame-set, quick decision was made and some nice Road wheels (700-22c) were installed and the Legend was born.
Since 2008 my bike has seen several minor and major transformations.
Currently this is the look of it bellow.

This frame looks a bit to small by all "standards", but I can care less it works for me and it has traveled thousands of miles with me in its saddle having fun doing it.

Love how the only way to see Cannondale logo and " Made in USA" label is visible only when light is flashed at it.

Most comfortable saddle ever, good old well broken in Brooks B17 Imperial.

Mavic 700x24 wheels with Continental GatorSkins, 3x8 speed Shimano cassette and brake / shifter combo, Brooks Saddle B17 ImperialBike Planet Eco Rack, SKS Bike Fenders, MKS Touting/XS Pedals with SOMA Toe Clips. My light power house is NiteRider Lumina 700 USB Rechargeable front light and a permanently mounted Planet Bike SuperFlash tail light. Also my bike is outfitted with an awesome Kick Stand.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

S24O - or art of simpler bike travel

Some time ago I discovered "S24O" - Sub 24 hour Overnight camping and the concept stuck with me.  Most of us today don't have the resources or time to embark on an overland adventure or multi continent travel.  As much as we wish to be able to throw everything away and just cast off into the ocean of unknown to discover this world of ours as well as in the process of discovering our self, financial, society and sometime moral obligations are not working in our favor.  However do not despair, now there is a solution even for the rest of us mortals — there is S24O!!
First time I ever came across the terminology was by visiting Rivendell Bicycle Works website, personally I believe that Rivendell Crew has coined up the term themselves, but that has not been confirmed.
S24O allows us to satisfy our craving for open road and adventure on a smaller scale that it doesn't require large funds and endless preparations.
My Crew and My self are well experienced campers, backpackers and bike commuters so it is almost natural progression of things to try and see how this "new" concept will work for us.
Since the perfect opportunity has risen, in the form of several of our birthdays coming up, unseasonably warm and dry weather in Northern California and multiple potential location for simple locale overnight camping within reach of Bay Area Transit organisations we decided to just try it.
After several meetings at Cremá Coffee Roasting Company, pouring over local, City, County & Regional Parks our final destination was selected.  Date set,  camp reservations made, pending weather staying as dry as it is currently we are good to go.
Our intent is to utilized Public Transit to get as close as possible to our final destination, and then to ride our bikes to the camp site.  We will spend a night celebrating our birthdays, and then we will head back home the next day.
Now the Only thing left is packing this Gypsy Caravan and casting off.... Well, that is the part I will be writing about in my up coming posts.

Coffee and research material