Sunday, July 13, 2014

My wife's first ever S24O

So we finally did it!!
I have been promising my wife for a while now to take her to experience her first Sub 24 hour Overnight camping trip or better known among a small and elite group of cyclist as famed S24O.
S24O is exactly what its name stands for, it is a short bike ride to a location where we camp just for a single night and that we go back home. It is a very easy to pack for someone new to bike traveling. The short duration of the trip allows one to use his bike commuting gear, as well as limited camping gear one can have a successful overnight bike trip.
To be honest there was not to much planning involved.. I text my wife at her work and ask if she would like to try it (since my friends and I have been talking about it for months now), her response was: "yes, where?" I had my answer ready: "Joseph D. Grant County Park!!"
"Wait a minute, that is up  Mt. Hamilton?" oh no I heard the doubt in my wives voice: "It isn't so bad honey you will see", she somewhat reluctantly agreed to my proposal.
So plans and reservations were made, I could hardly wait for Friday afternoon to get home from work and load our bikes with gear that was currently sitting on the floor of our garage organized with military precision to make this inaugural trip successful.

Total weight of our gear didn't exceed 30lb.

Our Trustworthy Steads Loaded and ready to go...

Plan was that we would arrive early enough to be able to set our tent and make some freeze-dry food and Tea for dinner. We didn't worry to much about speed of our progress but rather enjoying the ride. Along the way we encounter many "serious" cyclist riding this same route in their Spandex shorts and bike jerseys, keeping their eyes on bike computers to monitor speed, heart rate and cadence...
Taking in the view of San Jose from the Mt. Hamilton Road

Laurie crushing the stereotype riding in a dress and Keen Sandals!!

Road up Mt. Hamilton offers a new perspective for an avid photographer such as Laurie

...but first let's take a selfie!!

One of the "Luxury" items that we had taken with us was this set of Goal Zero potable speakers that we blasted music from... 

"Catch me if you can!!" it's all i heard as she blasted past me

Old barn along the road to Joseph D. Grant County Park

Wonderful sunset in East Bay hills

We are hear and it wasn't hard at all

Reflecting and enjoying the sunset  

Cows didn't even notice us as they were grazing along the road... well as these feral pigs didn't mind posing for us at the entrance to park

Diner getting prepared under beautiful stars and with classical music in background 

Night was so warm that we didn't use rain fly on our tent and that made for an amazing star gazing night until we fell asleep 

Sunrise directly above Mt. Hamilton

Old Mans Beard moss hanging from local oak threes  

But first let me take a selfie!!

Breakfast of champions!!

Taking notes from the trip and putting it down on paper...

...and enjoying our neighbors song.


Time to pack it all back on bikes...

..."do we have to leave already??".

Let the music carry us home!!

But first let's take a selfie!!

... and another one!!

Home sweet Home!!

First thing that come out Laurie's mouth was: "This was so easy and fun!! When are we going again??".  This confirms that our first trip was a success and a promise that we will have more to come ... ... < to be continued > !!