Friday, July 18, 2014

Rivendell Bike Works

Every once in while we come across a group of people that are doing things differently in their unique ways, with a philosophy that is a clearly opposite to anything we consider a norm in todays "modern"world.
One of these people is a small dedicated group that are well known by theirs whimsical shop name Rivendell Bike Works. They are a "Old School" bike shops that deserve a lots of respect in cycling community catering to Un-Racers in our world dominated by Carbon-fiber, spandex and super expensive components. Rivendell is not your average run of the mill shop focused on racing and sporting aspect of bicycle community. They are unique in the way that their focus is more toward personal satisfaction of their clientele and a general comfort of anyone riding their bikes.
 The leader of this bunch and founder of the Rivendell is Grant Petersen, his Philosophy has struck me deep in to my souls core and pointed me in a different direction. One that I enjoy a lot more.
Watch this short movie about the shop, the founder, his people and philosophy that is very unique in today's world.

Rivendell People from Jay Bird Films on Vimeo.

Also visit them on web as well and take look at what they do and what they offer in their shop